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Pre Season Parents Meeting Agenda and Letter

Handout roster and get up to date contact information Create group text/e-mail for communicating changes in the practice/game schedule Equipment and proper dress needed for indoor/outdoor practices Clarify Goals: The importance of developing all players How playing time will be distributed during the season The importance of player roles, and how those roles will be communicated to each parent once they are determined. Coaches Responsibilities *  How you will coach … Read More →

Motivating Kids by Playing Baseball Games During Practice

Kids play baseball because they find the game is enjoyable.  They will stop playing when they find that is not true.  Correcting mistakes is OK for awhile, especially if it is offered in such a way that the player perceives it as helpful to them and leads to improvement.   If it becomes more proof that they can’t play well, “corrections” and put downs become one and the same. End practice … Read More →

Coaching Philosophy and Coaching Strategies

“Kids baseball drills”, “baseball skills and drills”, “little league drills”, “baseball batting fundamentals”, “coaching baseball drills” are just four of the common search topics that coaches turn to the internet to help them instruct baseball. Coming to practice with these ideas is certainly better than nothing. Yet, if the coach does not feel confident making up a lineup offensively and defensively, if the coach does not understand the fundamental strategy … Read More →

Base running and Practice Organization

Base running is often left out of practice planning and “baseball practice drills”. Regularly, instruction is offered after a mistake, and usually focuses on what went wrong. Players will not get better unless they are told how to do something right and then offered chances to practice. “T ball drills” and “little league baseball coaching” and “youth baseball coaching” as kids enter junior high and high school all would benefit … Read More →

Outfield and Team Defense

To be honest, at the youth level and even all the way through high school, we often have players in the outfield because they are not strong enough skill wise to perform in the infield or as pitchers and catchers. These players often get less instruction and focus because the other positions get more chances and are “more important for team success”. The “baseball skills and drills” during practice for … Read More →

Coaching Infielders

Consistent infielders are hard to find at the youth level. On the contrary, most youth infielders are “consistently inconsistent”. “Coaching youth baseball drills” to truly get results takes time and commitment of both coach and player. Without the necessary “buy in” to do the same things over and over until new muscle memory is established, and until a player has the confidence and experience to take what they do in … Read More →

Hitting a baseball and little ball skills

Nothing is harder than hitting a baseball. You are not just having to develop a fundamental swing, but you are also required to help kids establish new habits and break bad habits all the while dealing with “habits of mind” that doom success and replace them with a more positive mental approach. The “baseball coaching videos” that I am offering include many “tips for coaching youth baseball”. Lets discuss the … Read More →

The art of playing catch

As you try to improve a player at any age at the skill of catching and throwing a ball, you will encounter challenges. “Coaching baseball tips” regularly conflict with the habits that players have already established. Therefore, what you are asking a player to change will feel strange or wrong to them, and they might go backward before improving. The” baseball training dvd” that you are trying to implement will, … Read More →
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